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Everyone ages in this world of pollutants and tension. Some age faster than others even though the elements acting on a persons aging process are the same for every one. Then what is the reason for some to be healthier, age slower more gracefully than others?

The culprit: free radicals and oxidants

The answer is simple. There are oxidants in our system that act on our body cells and damage them causing them to degenerate and thus force the system to replace these damaged cells faster than is normally required for slow aging. Our bodies require a slow and steady replenishment of cells that are damaged. The slower this process of replacing damaged cells with new ones the slower will be the aging process. But for this the damage done to the existing cells has to be slowed as well.

This is possible with antioxidant supplementation to the body. The food we eat every day is not the same as that of years gone by. The vitamins, proteins, minerals and other supplements needed by the body are not available in the food we eat today. These have to be supplemented through diet pills and other food supplements. As far as antioxidants are concerned Porleva has emerged as the best antioxidant supplement that is cost effective and with no side effects.

Proleva slows aging and improves health

Proleva helps slow down the aging process, build your immune system, prevent damage to the brain cells that lead to memory loss, greatly improve the cardiovascular and replenish energy levels thus contributing to your healthier lifestyle each day.

Our body is constantly subjected to attacks by free radicals that damage and destroy our cells and render us unhealthy and inefficient. These free radicals must be removed or rendered ineffective through a healthy lifestyle. However, a healthy lifestyle needs to have a good backup of energy resources from somewhere and this is surely not coming from the food we eat. Proleva is the answer to the oxidant problem every human faces. A regular dose of this antioxidant supplement will prove to be a great supplement for a healthier and longer life.

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